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  • And the space journey begins here

    After working for a couple of months on this game, it was time to get the domain rights. So, robotic revolution was already taken, the change to robotic rebellion was easilly made, suits also much better with the story line. Based on those classic Wierd Science comics.

    Domain name registered and website online, guess from now on the journey really starts. Follow here the development of a space shooter. Will update as much as progress will let me.

    November 2014

    Working on the first series of sprites

    The basic and first upgrade player fighter.

    The last 2 upgrades for the player fighter. Thinking of giving each stage about 3 weapon upgrades.

    The first stage robotic fighters. Still working on their weapon systems and animations, but the trouble will be more with the figting patterns. That's something which will cost me dearly in time.

    June - October 2014

    Slowly working with a realistic release date.

    After the unrealistic release date passed by I decided to just take all the time I need to create this game. And besides many other projects, the 9 to 5 and everything else life throws at you I work slowly to create a massive epic arcade shmups.

    Continue working on various assests, I also started with a complete new trailer. A story line was emerged and this needed to be implemented into the game.

    Start with the coding

    With all the assests I still need to make, create and frig know what else, I also started with the beginning of the game frame. The coding. One thing for sure, developing a game as a solo developer takes time, lots and lots of time, patience and sweat. Oh, and did I mention time.... fors sure you will get complaints that you spend too much time behind you computer.

    It's still a long road before completion, let alone a workable, playable demo, but atleast there is something to work with. The very first actual game screen shot.